Welcome to Native Irish Buckfast queens and bees

On our scale these bees would score a 9 for docility, our scale would start at 1 , the equivalent to the highest possible score on the AMM scale.
Our own classic Queen mating box, these boxes hold more bees than most mating boxes to insure the young queens are nurtured in the best possible way

Our Irish Buckfast Group will this year offer a limited number of nucleus colonies for sale.

  We are now taking orders for Nuc's for 2019🙂


Each  nucleus will have the following criteria to ensure only top quality nuke's are supplied.

(1) A selected top quality home bred Irish Buckfast Queen (bred this year 2019)

(2) Queen will be marked with correct colour for 2019

(3) Been checked for disease

(4) At least 4 frames with bees on them all

(5) Brood on at least 3 frames

(6) At least one frame of stores

(7) all combs will be in good condition and fitted with 2019 wax

(8) If posted out, a plywood nuke box suitable for postage will be supplied (extra cast)


 (9) We will supply any size of frame to suit you and your hives at no extra cost.








New for 2019

 We thank all our 2018 customers and hope all our queens over wintered well🙂🙂

Our Native Irish Buckfast Queens are bred here in Ireland from several strains that have existed and been bred here for many years.

You do not need to be a member to order Queens from us, we will supply top quality Buckfast queens to all beekeepers.

Requeen your hives in 2019 with our queens and see for your self how much easeir beekeeping can be.🙂 

Reasons to buy Buckfast.

Irish Buckfast queen breeding group web site.

Breeding Better Irish queens for Irish Beekeepers.

We are members of the Federation of Irish Beekeepers

Each queen is selected for (1) High productivaty🙂

                                       (2) Resistance to Disease

                                       (3) Disinclination to swarm

                                       (4) Hardiness and ability to over winter

                                       (5) Calm Behaviour (they do not run around frames)

                                      (6) To have a boundless capacity for work in foraging 

                                      (7) To further improve over wintering 


    This is only some of the favourable traits we breed for, we do not breed for good temper this comes as standard. Our Irish Buckfast bees already over winter BETER than most other strains but this is one of the only traits we feel we can even more improve on.




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DONE Sending...

Gordon Hogg | Reply 17.02.2020 02.25

I don’t see a place to order bees and all comments refer to 2019 bees.
Do you have NUCs available for 2020?
If so, when? Cost?
Do you ship to U.S.A.?

liam | Reply 07.10.2019 15.30

hello, i intend to start bee keeping next year 2020, and will be looking for bees.
I have been given hives by a lapsed bee keeper and will use them to start off

Mateusz | Reply 20.08.2019 17.45

Do you sell bucks with deep langstroth hive frames?

Mateusz 20.08.2019 17.46

Sorry nucs

keith brennan | Reply 08.08.2019 14.39

Hi I need a mated buckfast queen ASAP I have an angry hive in the garden, do you have any for sale? ( For posting to mayo) thanks

Mohamed | Reply 30.07.2019 12.42


I emailed you few days back, please get back to me asap; as we're visiting Dublin with my family and we'll go back home soon. We're from Dubai. Thanks

Phil brookes | Reply 17.07.2019 01.35

Can you supply mated Buckfast bees.

John Smith | Reply 30.06.2019 22.51

Looking for a mates queen if possible

Niall | Reply 27.06.2019 13.26

Hi, looking for a queen if you have any available?

Paddy Kilbride | Reply 22.06.2019 12.48

I am looking at getting into bee keeping. Can you help me.

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30.07 | 19:40

How do I pay a deposit for bees, do I send a cheque or credit card

27.07 | 17:43

I would like to place a order for a nuc of bees for 2021

28.06 | 16:47

I am looking to buy a nuc of Buckfast bees

23.03 | 14:26

looking to buy a nuc of irish buckfast bees or is it possible to order one for 2020

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