• Pure Buckfast queens

    Price: 50,00 EUR

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    Our selected Queens are only avilable by order and deposit. The breeding of queens is weather dependent and in the event a queen is not supplied then a full refund of deposit will take place. When your queen is ready for posting to you then full pay...

  • Nuc,s for sale

    Price: 200,00 EUR

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    Nuc,s are e200 on any size of frame, they can be posted out at a cost of e25 to any county in the rep of Ireland, the cost of a nuc box to post your bees in is also e25. A DEPOSIT of 50% is required to secure your order

Latest comments

08.04 | 23:11

I'm wondering if you have any overwintered nukes?

27.03 | 07:06

Hi, Do you have any overwintered nucs? If not are you taking orders for new season nucs? Thanks

04.02 | 14:31

Do you have any overwintered nukes?

28.03 | 09:24

Richard, leave your Email address and we will get back to you. many thanks.

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