Pure Buckfast queens

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Price: 50,00 EUR

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Our selected Queens are only avilable by order and deposit. The breeding of queens is weather dependent and in the event a queen is not supplied then a full refund of deposit will take place. When your queen is ready for posting to you then full payment will be required before posting takes place. 2021order 10 or more for small DISCOUNT.

Delivery: from June on

Additional Info:
Price to include Marking and Postage in Ireland

Latest comments

28.03 | 09:24

Richard, leave your Email address and we will get back to you. many thanks.

25.03 | 18:11

Can you send me a contact number or e mail as I cant find contact details on your site.

20.03 | 20:58

A nuke on the frame size of your choice will cost e150, for e25 extra you get a simple ply wood nuke box suitable to transport or post the bees to you.

20.03 | 10:01


I am contacting you for my father.

How much are the nucs? Do you deliver the nucs? if so how much to Croom.

If not where are you based if we have to col

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